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by Pam Nash
Pam Nash

by Judy Bruzza
Judy Bruzza

by Tina Lee Cronkhite
Tina Lee Cronkhite

by Kristi Ryan
Kristi Ryan



Treewhispers Exhibition at the Kalamazoo Nature Center
June 2nd - August 2nd


Pen Dragons calligraphy guild originated in 1983. We are a 501(c)(3) non profit organization whose purpose is to promote the study, appreciation and practice of calligraphy as an art form and to foster a wider appreciation of calligraphy in all its historical and present day applications through the free interchange of ideas and techniques.

Pen Dragons is open to all interested people. Meetings are held the last Tuesday of the month* at 7:00 p.m. at the Parchment Community Library. The library is located at 401 South Riverview Drive, Parchment, Michigan. A variety of programs scheduled through the year are aimed to enlighten and inspire all skill levels.

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*Except July, November and December.

The Washington Calligraphers Guild

Graceful Envelope Contest
The theme for the 2014 Graceful Envelope Contest was
The Superlative Letter "S"

Jeri Hobart's winning envelope - -2014
Jeri Hobart's winning envelope - 2014

In 2012 the theme was:"D-liver D-letter D-sooner D-better" and
our guild had two winners!

                                             2012 Winners
Graceful Envelope 2012 Winners
Tina Cronkhite                                                    Julie Kechele                

For 2011 the theme was: "Time Flies" and we are pleased that
our guild had two winners and two honorable mentions!

                                                2011 Winners
Gracefull Envelope 2011 Winners
                    Jane Ewing                                            Jeri Hobart
                                     2011 Honorable Mentions
Graceful Envelope 2011 Honorable Mentions
                  Tina Cronkhite                                     Julie Kechele

by Susan Kavanaugh
Susan Kavanaugh


Treewhispers Exhibition at Kalamazoo Nature Center
June 2nd - August 2nd

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Carol DuBosch Workshop - Folded Pen Adventures
September 28-29, 2019
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Yukimi Annand April 26-27, 2020


Interconnections: People & the Planet

by Jane Ewing
Jane Ewing

by Maijo Carney
Marijo Carney

by Chris Orsolini
Chris Orsolini